Now Bands Are Releasing iPhone Apps? Review – Delphic App

That’s right the latest band of the moment (BBC Sound Of 2010/MTV 10 for 10), Delphic have released an iPhone app called…well it’s called Delphic.

“To celebrate the release of their new single ‘Doubt’, Delphic have released a sound toy for the iPod and iPhone. It’s very simple to use, just start the drum loop and then touch the pads to hear their vocal samples in whatever way you want!”

Built by Retrofuzz, this is another addition to that already marketing heavy biz that is show.

Although it looks quite nice, this app doesn’t actually DO much. You download it and are given a option to start the beat. Then you can play 8 short vocal samples by tapping your phone. It would be alot better if there were samples of the instruments or if users could save and share their creations.

It is innovative though. A band (well their label) creating an iphone app is something i’ve not seen before.

Where once blogging was condensed to tweeting, apps seeming to be reducing to ‘microapps’? Small, downloadable apps that generate awareness and hope to provide enough of a call to action to make us move to the next stage of the purchase cycle.

Delphic’s app will hold your attention for 20 seconds max but by then you’ll have already downloaded it and are likely to have seen the name of their next single (Acolyte) and may even have clicked on the ‘download’ button. So their plan worked.

Download from iTunes here


Spotify Mobile App – Now Available in The App Store!


On July 27th 2009 Spotify announced that they had finished work on an iPhone app to allow premium users to stream Spotify to their iPhone. The only problem was, they had to wait for Apple to give the app the thumbs up. As everybody knows, in authorising this app for the iPhone, apple may well have been shooting themselves in the foot. But by not authorising it…well that could have been a PR disaster! They did authorise the app but it takes a while for this to then become available to the public

Well today it is available! (Although it’s rated 12+?!)

Here’s what they say:

We’ve worked hard to bring you the same great Spotify experience you’re already familiar with to your phone. The mobile apps will allow you to take the entire Spotify catalogue and put it in your pocket. You can use our ‘offline mode’ to make playlists available at all times, even when no connection is available. Perfect for that ride on the tube or long flight across the Atlantic.

Launching these apps is our first step at going mobile and we’d like to thank all the people who worked hard on making this happen as well as all the partners involved in the process.

We’ve set up a mobile section with more details and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. We know that you’ve been eagerly awaiting this launch and we appreciate the patience – now go out and get that app!

spotify itunes

You can now download the app from iTunes or for Android  from the Android Market here

Read more on the Spotify blog

Spotify Demo Their New iPhone App

It’s here at last! Well almost….Well it’s being demo’d anyway. Which is exciting. There has been lots of talk about how Spotify can best transfer users of the free version  to the paid for, premium version. Well the new iPhone app is only available to those using the premium service, so Spotify’s accountants will surely be clearing space in the bank vaults for all that money about to come flooding in.

Key features summary:

  • Detailed, one touch track info mid play
  • Standard controls and playback
  • Music available offline! – Select the playlist you want to make available offline and Spotify will automatically synchronise any added, moved or deleted music when online.
  • ‘Airplane Mode’ on the iPhone allows network connection to be disabled helping demonstrate the ‘offline’ festure.
  • Playback is automatically resumed from where you last left off.
  • When a trackis added to your desktop playlist, this update is INSTANTLY (wow) pushed to your iPhone
  • Search functionality


Read more here ate the Spotify blog