Spotify Demo Their New iPhone App

It’s here at last! Well almost….Well it’s being demo’d anyway. Which is exciting. There has been lots of talk about how Spotify can best transfer users of the free versionĀ  to the paid for, premium version. Well the new iPhone app is only available to those using the premium service, so Spotify’s accountants will surely be clearing space in the bank vaults for all that money about to come flooding in.

Key features summary:

  • Detailed, one touch track info mid play
  • Standard controls and playback
  • Music available offline! – Select the playlist you want to make available offline and Spotify will automatically synchronise any added, moved or deleted music when online.
  • ‘Airplane Mode’ on the iPhone allows network connection to be disabled helping demonstrate the ‘offline’ festure.
  • Playback is automatically resumed from where you last left off.
  • When a trackis added to your desktop playlist, this update is INSTANTLY (wow) pushed to your iPhone
  • Search functionality


Read more here ate the Spotify blog


2 thoughts on “Spotify Demo Their New iPhone App

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