Accessing Social Media on the Nokia 5800 – Reviewed

The nokia 5800 xpress music looks really nice. It has a big old screen (3.2″) and the touch screen actually works surprisingly well. There is a built in accelerometer so the screen changes layout depending on what angle you hold the phone. This is no i-phone though usability wise. Usability is less intuiive and functionality less streamlined. For instance, when turning the phone to view the screen horizontally it first shows a black screen before changing configuration. Social Media wise – Its better

Using the 5800:

The point of this post:
Is to let you know what it is like for that lynchpin of modern society – Social Media.
  • It comes with Flash (Lite) built in. This allows for out of the box use of rich media sites such as You Tube or BBC iPlayer. Mine didn’t work straight away though, I had to adjust the RealPlayer setting to be able to stream video which annoyed me. I still can;t use any site which uses any version of Flash over v7 which is actually a fair few.
  • Once on a site the touchscreen navigation is much like the iPhone but with out the ‘pinch’ to zoom in functionality. This is no problem though as a zoom in or out bar appear upon a double tap.
  • Wifi access makes download speeds incredibley fast (for a phone). as long as you are within reach of a wifi hub then you can browse at laptop/PC speed (ok a fairly old laptop or PC but nevermind).
  • The camera is 3.2 megapixels which these days is not considered that great but compared to other smartphones, is actually pretty good (better than the iPhone’s 2mp). Video or images can be recorded directly to the 8MB card that is supplied and the 2x LED flash is v bright!
  • Standard features like bookmarks allow for quick access to favourite sites.
  • The Nokia 5800 is Java enabled and runs on the latest version of the S60 platform. The number of applications is limited and pales in to insignificance when compared to those available for the iPhone. The phone comes with buttons preinstalled to quickly access Facebook and Myspace from the ‘Internet’ menu. I am yet to find a good Twitter client for the 5800 though. I have tried Stew, Twibble and Twirl with little success. Although perhaps my expectations are too high after using Tweetdeck all day everyday.
  • The Nokia 5800 enables easy acces to Nokia’s Ovi platform for sharing videos, images and is synchable with your phone
  • The battery life on the Nokia is 8.8 hours talk time; 406 hours standby where as the iPhone is 5 hours talk time; 300 hours standby. Lots more time for social media browsing!
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New Facebook – A users review

Having had a couple of days use of the brand spanking new Facebook layout I feel educated enough to present its pro’s and cons. The latter being the longer list – buts that’s to be expected right? No-one ever likes the new layout (there was an outcry last time) but this version seems contrived rather than intuative. It assalts the eyes with its mass of information although this may just take a bit of getting used to. If something is improved though, should it not appear instantly better? Any who here are the collective Pro’s and Con’s:

1) More immediate – A whole trail of information regarding friends and ‘connections’ is presented to you upon opening. Meh.

2) More like Twitter- Which is a positive for me as I love Twitter but a loss for Facebook as they are no longer industry leaders, but industry followers.

3) It is now easier to filter news feed and drag and drop your own filters.

1) Sponsored Ad’s – The new Facebook layout serves to integrate the sponsored ad’s better. They don’t stand out so much now and are slipped subtly in between your highlights. so adverts are my highlights are they? I think not. Facebook loses me a little bit more with each wrongly targeted and irelevant ad that I come across.

2) Whats on your mind? – The new ‘Publisher’ box invites you to ‘share’ videos and other content. Nice but you could do that before.

3) Highlights section – The ‘highlights’ section is very busy and confusing. Althought it’s about ‘discovering content’ its such a hotch potch of information that nothing seems to grab the attention. In my opinion Facebook should present glancable content that is easy to recognise and view.

4) Homepage doesn’t stream – you have to refresh it. The immediacy of the information would be much improved if you didn’t have to constantly refresh it for updates. Twitter is the same but this is overcome through applications such a Tweetdeck.

5) No collectivised stories – such as “5 of your friends changed their profile picture” or “3 of your friends wrote on so-and-so’s wall”. It’s all very singular.

6) Unhiding Friends doesn’t ’stick’ – Maybe thats a bug, i don’t know but its annoying none the less.

7) Status updates are now limited to 160 characters. 20 more than Twitter but thats not the point.

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Google and Social Media.

Warning: This is a rambling mess of a blog entry. More of a way of collecting my thoughts than a coherent article but interesting I think none the less.

Four of Googles last five business acquisitions have been relating to social media. These being:

Zingku Social network service
Jaiku Micro-blogging
Omnisio Online video
TNC Weblog software

Does this signal their intentions to move further towards the social media foray? They recently introduced Google Wiki which allowed i-Google users to rate and re-order search results according to personal preference. This doesn’t seem to have been well accepted by the new media community and largely ignored by the general public.

Do Google need to enter the social media market? total 2008 revenue was cited at $21.796 Billion. Which by any account is a lot of money.

They are the masters of the search universe. They have a market leading algorithm which no competitors can touch and a whole industry built around their core product – Search.

But Google don’t seem as cool and relevant as they were. Sergey and Larry are older and not so down with the kids. Facebook and more recently, Twitter are becoming more useful as methods of locating information and contacts. For example, if I want to find out what general opinion is about the new Skittles website I could type in Skittles to Google. This will provide me with a link to the website but it won’t let me know how people feel about it. This I presume is Tim Berner-Lees semantic web. Dynamic by nature and constantly evolving, sites like Twitter, Friend Feed, Facebook can provide the concise sentiment that the internet currently lacks.

This is a long and round about way of getting to my question…when will Google enter the Social Media industry successfully? They could have bought Twitter 2-3 years ago but didn’t. They could have bought shares on Facebook but didn’t. They have recently purchased Zingku, Jaiku and Omnisio which are all concerned with micro social media channels. Googles Orkut is their only entrance into the social networking industry so far and although huge in Brazil, does not really register in the UK and only has 67,000,000 worldwide (compared to Facebook’s 175,000,000)

So my bet is on Jaiku being the next big social network IF it can bring something different to the game. Oh and it should also change its name, Jaiku is a rubbish name it doesn’t mean anything to me. It is currently in invitation only, beta testing so watch this space (thats the tiny space in between Facebook, Bebo, Myspace and Twitter. You can see it if you squint really hard.)

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Make money from your Twitter account…again?

I was afraid that headline might look slightly spammish but then I though ah forget it yo home to Belair!

Look it up yourself. Ad Cause is the slightly schizophrenic site that is half aimed at money grabbing Tweeters and half at charitable folk.
The site is pleasing to the eye with clear initial instructions on how to sign up and make money. The page seemed to show the main content out of the page area on the right so frustratingly to view any info I had to keep scrolling over to the page. Also, when signing up and choosing my country, I was given the options of living in Great Britain or United Kingdom….hmmm
How it Works:
It’s not a way of monetising your Twitter background, its about showing ad’s in your Twitter stream for companies who have signed up.
1) Visit AdCause and sign up. Write a bio about yourself to attract advertisers and make sure you’re signed up to Paypal beforehand as this is how you’ll get paid.
2) Choose how much you charge per ad and how long you want the ads to show for.
3) (and here’s the catch) Wait for an advertiser to select you to advertise through. You’ll need to be a poplular fellow with plenty of followers in their target market. I would estimate you’d have to have over 500 relevant followers (don’t quote me!).
4) Sit back and wait for the dollar bills to start pouring through the letterbox.
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