How below the line is digital?

Before I worked in digital, I never realised the extent to which we are influenced whilst browsing the internet. I always understood that whilst watching TV or listening to tinpot local radio there are adverts but in an obvious way (above the line). Then this whole slightly seditious world was opened up.

So I want to get a good deal on a nice little cottage in Devon for a week. Here is how often I am advertised at online:

1) Obviously go straight to Google which presents me with 242,000 search results. Here I class this as 2 different ads (paid search and organic) but will only include the piad search ones so +11 ads

2) Click through on the top organic listing and website loads. 9 Google Content ads. 1x banner ad and 1 skyscraper.

3) Click on a cottage that looks nice. 4 further Google content network ads and 1x banner

So there we have it. I was advertised at 27 times in 3 clicks and 5 minutes.
Sorry maybe a pointless blog and yes I know advertising is neccesary to sustain many sites…