Facebook Comments Back In Chronological Order!

As a Facebook page manager I recently turned the air blue after discovering ‘comments’ were appearing in a seemingly random order! After a while I realised they were ordered by popularity (number of likes). I see why Farcebook did this; the cream rises to the top, the most liked comment reflects the general sentiment around a specific post and so Facebook deems that this is the one that should be seen first people people viewing that post.

ImageBut for page managers it’s been a nightmare. How to keep track of comments when they are constantly jumping up and down in the list. How to make sure you reply to each and every person that has taken the time to interact – when their comment that was at the bottom is now mid way up the list of 100 comments? (Hootsuite still displayed the comments in chronological order thank goodness).


So it was with elation today that I saw this:


Yey! You can now sort chronologically again. You’re damn right I want them displayed by ‘recent activity’.

Thank you Facebook.

P.S Don’t even get me started on Facebook hashtags. Gah!


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