Social Media – A definition by The Law Society

Everyone these days knows the term social media but do you know what they are? That’s right it is plural -‘they’. Social media isn’t this one, huge, all encompassing THING. Social media is a collection of different platforms offering two way interactions.

This is how The Law Society in the UK defines social media:

What are social media?

Social media are web-based and mobile technologies that turn communication into active dialogue. There are many different types of social media channels, which attract specific audiences for different purposes. These include:

  • forums and comment spaces on information-based websites, for example BBC Have Your Say
  • social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and LegalOnRamp
  • video and photo sharing websites such as Flickr and YouTube
  • weblogs, including corporate and personal blogs
  • micro-blogging sites such as Twitter
  • forums and discussion boards such as Yahoo! Groups or Google Groups
  • online wikis that allow collaborative information sharing such as Wikipedia
  • any other websites that allow individual users or companies to use simple publishing tools.

More here on The Law Society website


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