Coke’s Meh New Website


There’s been much online chatter recently with the newly launched Coca Cola website. The multinational has embraced the upcoming ‘brands as publishers‘ paradigm whole-heartedly with a magazine style homepage that pulls together relevant content in to one place. I imagine the internal pitch to senior execs went something like, “it’ll create a conversation hub, full of sticky content, increasing uniques and dwell time and putting our brand at the center of it all.”

Fantastic, a step in the right direction and surely the way forward for most brands in 2013.

The problem I have, is…it’s all a bit boring. Generic photos of vaguely happy people, that could have been taken from iStock. Philathropic content categories including ‘Health’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Sports’.

As a natural cynic, I think all this obviously has a whiff of diversionary tactics. “Let’s disguise the fact that we’re essentially a black, carbonated drink with 10 cubes of sugar per can.”

Put even if I cast my Mr Negative cap aside and view it from the perspective of Joe Bloggs/John Doe, I STILL don’t find it interesting/relevant/useful/sharable or any of those other things that make these things a success. As Adam Kmiec said on Twitter, “…as is, it seems to cater to what the digital marketing team wants to see”. 
To their credit, the moderators at Coke are encouraging conversation that may not always be 100% positive about their brand. blogger and owner of Traction, Adam Kleinberg was asked by Coke to be one of the first to give their opinion on the new site, via a blog style article featured on the Coca Cola homepage. Whilst Adam does say that the new site is ‘an amazing effort’ he suggests that it is a bit of a “scattershot “something for everyone” approach” and that “When Coke gets that content marketing is about really about putting the customer first, then I’ll really jump to my feet.

It gets a bit Catch 22/Chicken&Egg/dog chasing tail though when Coca Cola then respond to Adams post on their own site to which Adam then responds to Cokes response to his article on Coke’s site!


Coke know what they’re doing when it comes to social media, as evidenced by 56 million Facebook fans and nearly 2 million Youtube views however I’m not sure they’ve got this quite right yet.

P.S. Awesome secret meta:


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