E4 Hijacks BBCThree, Channel 5, ITV2 and Sky Facebook Pages!

Imagine you’re waiting on hold for ITV customer services to pickup. Suddenly someone starts talking to to you but they’re not from ITV, they’re from E4! Now imagine the customer service channel is Facebook and that’s exactly what’s happened….

E4 have been posting on the Facebook walls of ITV2, Sky and Channel 5 and BBC3, answering the other broadcaster’s fan’s questions and generally muscling in on territory that, technically isn’t really theirs!

It seems there’s no sabotage or malicious intent, more doing it because they can and frankly, why not?! As E4 themselves say in a comment on BBC3’s page “we’re just being helpful. It’s really that simple” .

ITV3 somewhat nervously  replied to E4’s comments with “Hi E4, great to see you are a fan of Lee Nelson’s. Enjoy the show tonight and keep watching BBC Three!”


I notice they didn’t do it to BBC or ITV’s main channels…however top mark’s E4 PR dept!


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