Facebook Friends Lists vs Google Circles

Obviously Facebook friends lists are, like, such OLD news having been announced last week. It’s only today however that i’ve been able to play around with it. Facebook friends is essentially a security feature allowing you to organise your friends in to different categories ‘work’, ‘school’, ‘family’ and ‘city’. For these, Facebook can automatically segment based on data already available in its system (if you’ve input that data)….IT KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE, where you went/go to school/work and who your relations are.

There is also the option to manually sort your friends in to a ‘close friends list’ and an ‘acquaintances list’. See below:

Facebook friends lists

facebook friends list

And then there is Goole Circles. Does anyone use this any more? The thing with Google Circles is it’s probably only used by a very specific group of your friends or colleagues anyway. Or else you just follow the same people you do on Twitter? Google get kudos for coming up with the idea before Facebook, however it’s Facebook that has the user base to actually make the segmentation useful.

Here’s a helpful video by google to explain Google Circles:


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