Digital Christmas Cards 2010

Can you call something a tradition if it’s only the second time? Well anyway, I found this an interesting post when I did it last year so here it is again; a collection of digital Christmas cards, brought to my attention through being good, bribes or flattering emails. Last year was just ‘agency’cards but there are so many good ones out there it’s open to other organisations this year!

So without further ado:

Collective London – Charitree

This is one of the best i’ve seen this year, hence it comes first. Visit Collective London’s Facebook page and specifically, the tab named Charitree. You then like the page and choose from five well known charities who you want to donate to. Just by ‘liking’ Collective’s page they will donate £1 (you can choose to donate more yourself if you wish). Your name and Facebook photo then appears on a bauble on their Christmas tree! Even better you are then encouraged to share with your friends. Obviously Collective benefit from new Facebook fans but it’s well worth it to give to the well deserving causes.

Lean Mean Fighting Machine – Snowman Or Fatman

Awesome. Set to the theme of an 80’s Japanese arcade game including very authentic sounds), users are initially presented with an image of a snowman. You are then offered the option to guess if it is a real snowman OR a Fat Man hiding inside a snowman.

I’ll leave it for you to see for yourselves what happens if there’s a fat man inside! Good fun.

Try it out here

LBi – Charitree

Yeah it’s got the same name as the Collective one but who cares. They’re both for good causes and hey’re both good… This Charitree is a display on Brick Lane, London which rewards people who post actual real money in to a slot beneath it.

Go give generously and see it here!

Future Publishing – Tron

Owners of, among many other things, tech sites and Futrue have a cool Youtube video. Having watched Tron last night and currently listening to the Daft Punk soundtrack, I can’t not include this really.

Redweb – Ding Dong Merrily On iPhone

What do you get if you mix guitar hero with bell ringing. Redweb’s Christmas offering is what you get. An iPhone app that allows you to ‘ring’ bells to create Christmas themed songs. Also a corresponding iPad app to show you what to do and when to ring…


…have a video of staff creating the office Christmas Tree made from what looks like pieces of scaffolding. At first glance this is not as fun/innovative/’wacky’ as some others but what they actually create has a lot of appeal creatively. I like it.

Wunderman – The Longest Cracker

This ‘card’ asks people to pull a virtual cracker with a friend or stranger using that wonder of the modern age, Chatroulette. So who know who you might end up pulling a cracker with…or what else they’ll ask you to pull…

This works best with a webcam but you can do it without one. The challenge is to see who can pull the geographically longest cracker depending on the location of each ‘pullee’. The current record is for 17015km Sydney to London. come you guys in the Arctic and Antarctica surely you can win this?!

Try it here

Traction – Unhappy Grouchmas

First off, the URL is great:

San Fran’s Traction want to cheer us all up with a variety of funny videos, each being revealed behind the doors of a calendar. Nice rapping. Trouble is, they appear to have run out of videos since 9th December? Still, worth a visit if you’re feeling glum.

See it here

Let me know of any more!

New addition!

EA Friendly Fire by Five By Five

Basically throwing snowballs at a target. you can play alone or challenge your friends on Facebook. Not much more to say about it but careful, it’s quite addictive!



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