Facebook Allowing You To Login/Comment/Receive Notifications As A Page

Last night as I was managing a couple of my Facebook pages, I realised there were 6 outstanding notifications…Strange, I thought i’d just cleared all of my notifications (i’m a little anal like that, can’t have any outstanding messages, notifications or events!). Upon clicking on the notifications icon I found that all 6 related to activity on my Facebook Fan Page. The ‘Account’ drop down menu allowed me to switch between accounts (each page I admin being listed as an individual account). Also, tabs were listed down the left hand column allowing easier editing.

Most importantly, it allowed me to comment/like and roam around Facebook as my page. Surely this is what brands need in order to engage fully. As it is, they have to set up their stall and use various methods and tactics to drive users to their fan page.

Anyway, when I logged in this morning all of that was gone. I just wish i’d taken a screenshot! It must be something they were testing and about to roll out¬†imminently…


This was an accidental update by Facebook which they have since reversed http://mashable.com/2010/12/16/facebook-prototype-features/


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