Twitter Bans 3rd Party Ad Platforms

Today on their blog Twitter have announced that they will be restricting the use of the Twitter API technology and so exclude platforms whose business models are centred around Twitter monetisation.

So does this mean that Twitter is clearing the way for it’s own monetisation model? They also hint at an upcoming Twitter analytics provision…

Here is what they say in their post:

There has never been more opportunity for innovation on the Twitter platform than there is now. In order to continue to provide clarity, our guiding principles include:

“1. We don’t seek to control what users tweet. And users own their own tweets.

2. We believe there are opportunities to sell ads, build vertical applications, provide breakthrough analytics, and more. Companies are selling real-time display ads or other kinds of mobile ads around the timelines on many Twitter clients, and we derive no explicit value from those ads. That’s fine. We imagine there will be all sorts of other third-party monetization engines that crop up in the vicinity of the timeline.

3. We don’t believe we always need to participate in the myriad ways in which other companies monetize the network. “

They then go on to say:

“We understand that for a few of these companies, the new Terms of Service prohibit activities in which they’ve invested time and money”

So to paraphrase, “You’ve made money out of us for long enough…if we can’t make money out of our own service, then you’re not going to either. So there!”


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