Myspace Aims to Be More Of A Music Player

Myspace has just released the beta version of its brand new way to listen to the music of Myspace artists – My Music

The My Music area aggregates all of the artists you are ‘friends’ with in to one musical hub allowing for quicker selection of music. Where-as before users had to navigate between different artist pages to listen to music, My Music allows for a more streamlined experience.

Is Myspace trying to compete with the likes of Spotify? Well duh! Obviously. Spotify was a revolution in the provision of ‘free at the point of consumption’ music and changed has the playing field. This development brings Myspace a step closer to being a free music player. BUT…only a step. It still has the sense of been a re-skin of an ageing giant. The awful search results bring up relevant artists and it would be good if you could add of delete artists to the My Music area. After all who actually likes the music of ALL of the bands you’re ‘friends’ with on Myspace?

It is a positive step by Myspace, adding useful functionality to a dated social network. You do however get the impression that Myspace is becoming the ‘major label’ of social networking. Always playing catchup to the likes of and Spotify and trying to paper over the cracks of an ageing business model. Rather than these constant extensions and re-skins, at some point soon they are going to have to wake up and smell the musical and social networking coffee. When this happens I predict a major change in the whole structure of Myspace OR the demise of the News Corporation owned social network.

Oh and Myspace if you are reading this… please create an application allowing me to listen to Myspace artist music on the iphone/itouch/smartphones. do, Spotify do…if you did I’d use it every day!

What do you think?


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