Agency Christmas ‘Cards’ 2009

This year seems to be the year for going out on a limb with agency  Christmas Cards. A few years ago you’d maybe get an amusing email or a flashing html page. NOW. WOW!

Here are some of the best to catch my eye so far this Christmas. Leave a comment if you know of or see any others.

So…in no particular order…

Soup – This is great, you get to create your own song using Christmas bells. You can rehearse your recital and then record a 20 second tune!

Damashek Consuting – These guys are based in New York (you can tell cos it’s called ‘Happy Holidays’ not ‘Happy Christmas’) and this is one of the best i’ve ever seen. Enter the toy shop and play around with the toys. If you do a certain something correctly then you unlock…something (I won’t give it away!)

Redweb – The spirit Of Christmas.

Well I couldn’t do this without featuring our very own Christmas page! A festive page measuring and displaying the sentiment surrounding Christmas on Twitter.

I won’t bog you down with the details as i’m a little hazy myself. Something to do with Arduino/Twitter/PHP but it’s good and pretty goddam  innovative. If you want to know more on how it was done read this excellent write up by the man himself Rob Hawkes

Ogilvy created quite a good iPhone app this year called Ogilvy White Christmas. It integrates with the phone’s camera to create a snow-scene where ever the camera is pointed. Download from iTunes

The not-so-anonymous-now Adlandsuit’s very own DLKW have created a shakeable snow globe. This hosts a live (7 second time lapse?!) webcam feed direct from the DLKW office presented in a snow globe. Which you can shake. Follow it on Twitter


These guys have realised that the real spirit of Christmas lies in…xfactor of course. The Xmas Factor aggregates all xmas related tweets and allows for users to vote on whether metions are ‘jingle bells’ good or ‘humbug’ bad. This is then presented in a leader board of the happiest chappies!


This one’s good. It takes pride of place on the agency’s homepage and looks really nice. Enter your Twitter name and it scans tweets for naughty and nice words to see if you’ve been good! It’s also nice that they’ve not assumed EVERYONE is on Twitter and given an option to just use the Collective Twitter. Also, is that the theme tune to Bugsy Malone playing in the background?!

I did it and got, “Santa says: you’re naughty and you deserve…a carbolic soap mouthwash!

Albion London

Good pal Neil Potter and the guys over at Albion are helping their frinds who own a turkey farm. they’ve grown attached to the turkeys and can’t bring themselves to decide which to add cranberry sauce to…So Albion have set up two teams; Team Brad and Team Beyonce. You can join the teams on Facebook, Digg, Linkdin or Twitter. Beyonce is winning…Save Brad!

Lean Mean Fighting Machine

LMFM do loads of funny stuff throughout the year but their house band ‘Pipette of Sweat’ have just released a charity single called ‘Do They Know It’s Web 2.0 (Tweet The World)’

They are also doing a fake shopping trip. They’ve substituted shops for pubs and will be heading out on Dec 17th for the ‘shopping trip’.

Skive (sister agency of Soup) have created ‘The Tweeting Twankey’

Every day for a week a male memebr of the Skive crew will be walking the streets whilst dressed up as the pantomime dame. He/she’ll be texting/tweeting/tweeting/twitpiccing/foursquaring as they go. Anyone who manages to locate the old dame between 1-2pm from the 14th-18th Dec will win £100 to spend in the shop they found him/her!

Fuse 8 have devised a  clever little game whereby each sprout you get in a hole you power Father Christmas the the finish line by the power of parps.

Glue have gone for the charity aspect this year with Tweetawish for the Make a Wish Foundation. Christmas keywords mentioned in Twitter are fed in to the site and can be viewed through the visual representations. And the best bit…every time you tweet the hashtag #tweetawish, Glue will donate money to charity.

Or you can donate directly by going to (wow two people already donated £500 and £250 – nice one Glue!)

AKQA – I loved their hamster wheel lighting up a neon sign a couple of years ago and the Microwaves from last year. This year it’s less about Christmas and more about New Year with ‘Resotweetion’. This shows all tweets with the hashtag #newyearsresolution and the site lets visitors add their own through a What’s Your #newyearsresolution? bar.

Check it out here

Proximity, like Glue have gone down the charity route with their ‘Big Kids Calendar’ in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital. This is them “doing childish things for serious reasons” taking the form of an advent calendar. Each day Proximity staff/teams do something silly and visitors are encouraged to donate in return. For example, tomorrow (Dec 18th) the data team are going to dress up as fish and go to the fish and chip shop…look forward to seeing that!

BD have done an interesting one. They have adopted a reindeer (called Bernard) and have pledged to adopt an extra reindeer with every 50 ‘clicks’ they get on

Get clicking!


There’s the Publicis one

After the Publicis one gained a lot of (bad) attention there was this:

And Finally… Christmas Light Hero!


16 thoughts on “Agency Christmas ‘Cards’ 2009

  1. I absolutely love the Damashek one. It’s particularly appropriate for me as I’m currently working on a big augmented reality project.

    Glad to see the good ol’Redweb one in there. Definitely the most innovative of the bunch. No bias of course! 😉

    • It’s not missed off! – look towards the bottom of the post under ‘Others’. It didn’t warrant a place alongside all the other good ones 🙂

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