Social Media – Digital vs non Digital Perspectives

Sometimes being in digital we can loose perspective of things. All i’m saying is, it’s important to remember that the users of different social media often don’t view the various platforms as we do (these are made up examples by the way, I haven’t been out doing focus groups or anything)

Facebook: Digital perspective – “Facebook allows brands to connect to people on their territory. By creating Facebook pages, applications and targeted ads, we can really interact and carry out a meaningful conversation.”

Facebook: Non digital perspective – “It’s a site I go on to talk to my friends look at photos of other people and add pictures of myself. I don’t even really notice the adverts and sometimes play games like Scrabulous or Poker.”

Twitter: Digital perspective – “With 20 million users per month globally, Twitter’s growth has made it THE social network of 2009. Celebrities and brands can converse directly with their audience without the Chinese whisper effect of offline comms. ” The open API has allowed for a whole host of third party applications to embrace Twitter, helping to increase its reach and functionality.

Twitter: non digital perspective – “Twitter? Why would I want to use Twitter, when I already have Facebook. I joined to follow ‘insert celebrity here‘ but he/she never replied to me so I never went on it again.”

Youtube: digital perspective – “The sharing of ‘glance-able content’ on platforms such as Youtube is perfect for providing engaging content to users/customers. With branded Youtube channels we can ensure maximum ROI and brand awareness. Click through overlays on videos can augment the ROI potential and a carefully moderated comment thread promotes interaction.

Youtube: non digital perspective – Er…I watch funny videos on it. Sometimes on my phone to show friends. If I really like it, I comment but I usually like to just read other people’s comments.

Linked In: digital perspective – Linked In has gained in popularity in 2009 and this is likely due, in part to recession related job losses/worries. It is a wonderful platform for companies to connect to individuals, particularly with respect to recruitment. Linked In allows offline business relationships to be taken further by connecting online with new and existing contacts.

Linked In: non digital perspective – Er…I never heard of Linked in. Why would I use that when I have Facebook.

Myspace: digital perspective – Since Myspace’s rise to prominence in 2005 this social network has waned in popularity. It does allow for some marketing opportunities though through page takeovers, banner ads and applications. The user profile is that of a younger audience and centred around a shared love of music. The Myspace platform provides blogging functionality as well as music uploads and artist pages, with profile pages being fully customisable enabling maximum brand focus.

Myspace: non digital perspective – “Yeah I started a Myspace a few years ago but when Facebook came out I started using that instead. Now I mainly use it to listen to new bands but not really for talking to friends.”


2 thoughts on “Social Media – Digital vs non Digital Perspectives

  1. The Web: digital perspective – We couldn’t live without it. It provides instant gratification and can fulfil our every need and desire. It gives freedom of speech to the repressed and a channel for talent to become recognised and mainstream. No single organisation could survive or prosper without a web presence and the power of online social networks.

    The Web: non-digital perspective – It’s a dangerous pseudo reality that can be manipulated to distort, amplify and create irrational exhuberance on a massive and damaging scale. Ultimately it will take us back to a new dark age where we have to meet and talk to people for real. OK – we won’t have Facebook but we’ll all be happier for that 😉

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