Spotify Appoint Ex-Skype Director To Disrupt US Market


Spotify have annouced on their blog the appointment of Faisal Galaria as their new Global Head of New Business Development.

Breaking the US market will be key to ensuring Spotify becomes a real contender to iTunes. Faisal’s experience with first Skype and more recently as Managing Director International of (where he was  responsible for building the EMEA and Asian businesses), will put the music streaming company in a perfect position.

At Skype, Faisal engineered partnerships with BT in the UK and Time Warner in the US. A partnership with Time Warner (the worlds 3rd largest media and entertainment conglomerate) would certainly help Spotify’s introduction to the US market.

Whilst at he oversaw the expansion of the site to nine countries.

Speaking on the Spotify blog Faisal said of his new position, “I am passionate about building disruptive companies. Spotify is changing the way we all enjoy music and the old paradigms of music ownership. It’s going to be fun.”

A tweet from the new man on 28th July whilst still at commented on the recent Apple denyal of the Google Voice app. Faisal said of this “Shame on Apple blocking applications on a phone you’ve already paid for.”

Did he already have a certain Spotify app on his mind?!

So as his latest tweet says -Faisal “has been Spotified”


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