Evan Williams of Twitter on Newsnight – What He Said

Last night on BBC 2 the tech world (well the UK portion) was glued to their screens as Kirsty Walker grilled Twitter CEO Evan Williams (@ev).

Stephen Fry was, of course mentioned as were the Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore. The use of Twitter by friends, businesses and celebrities was discussed and IMHO it was a well balanced, considered piece of TV journalism. They touched on the use of Twitter in broadcasting immediate news (plane crash in Hudson) and in improving the freedom of communication in comparitively repressed nations.

The peice began by covering what Twitter is and how it is used and gave AKQA founder Ajaz Ahmed a moment in the spotlight. Evan admitted that the US State department did indeed ask them to postpone maintenance work to minimise impact during the Iran elections.

The Twitter founder also called the Archbishop Vincent Nichols ‘silly’ for suggesting that Twitter ‘dehuminises’ people and went on to say that the only way Twitter will fail is if something better comes along…

See the full interview below:

But that’s not great quality so follow this link to view the interview on BBC iPlayer – Twitter part begins at 12:40


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