Orange & Universal Launch Mobile Music Service

Monkey Music Player

orange monkey

Orange, the mobile network provider has just launched its latest innovation – Monkey Music Player. Following the recent tradition of its animal themed price plans, Monkey provides Orange customers with 300 free texts (minimum) and music downloads every time a minimum of £10 credit is purchased, more with more credit.

What Orange say:

“Monkey customers can access the service on their phones by dialling 247. Customers are presented with a choice of 8 pre-set play lists e.g. R&B, Rock, Pop, Chart and playlists from 4Music. These will be refreshed regularly”

The product has been launched in conjunction with Channel 4 (4Music) and Universal Music. Over half a million tracks from the Universal Music label have been made available with no exclusions. Orange customers will have access to exclusive playlists and content.

orange monkey screenshot

Target Audience

The beauty of this product is that it has its target audience at it’s core. Younger mobile users like music, can’t always afford expensive phones and like to share via technology. The Monkey music product provides all of this and I predict will see a huge uptake.

I couldn’t demo the online version of the Monkey Music Player as it was not working. Connor of Orange demo’s it here:

PAYG Only?

There are only a couple of gripes I have about this wonderfully positioned product. The first relates to the fact that it is only available to PAYG customers. Why put so much effort into the product and promotion of this to then limit the use of it. I am an Orange pay monthly customer and would possibly use this if it was available.

Secondly the sound quality. I have only heard it through the video posted on the Orange site, but the quality did not sound that great. It uses the voice network rather than internet connection. Facsimile music anyone?

Bus Music

Oh and also I get annoyed enough as it is with little oiks playing their music loudly on the bus for all to hear. I hope this doesn’t mean i’ll be forced to listen to more N Dubz or Hanson or what ever it is the youth of today are listening to…

Great idea though. Great product and it’s the proposition of sharing music by text or online that will possibly strike a chord (aha) with the younger audience. With it being available on handsets from £9.99 and upwards, pack your earmuffs for any bus journeys you have planned.


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