The BBC’s Digital Revolution – A TV Evolution?

bbc digital revolutionAll bloggers are equal – it’s just that some are more equal than others. Here is the chance for anyone and everyone, on or around the web to collaborate on an innovative new documentary

The BBC have announced a new ‘open source’ documentary on the rise and rise of the internet since its inception 20 years ago. This programme is being presented by internet thought leader Aleks Krotoski alongside Dan Biddle as Assistant Content Producer and manager of the blog and Dan Gluckman as Multiplatform Content Producer for Digital Revolution.

Oh and one more person. Us.

Not ‘Us’ as in that large country across the pond, US as in you and me. The aim of this project, in their own words is:

“It is our ambition to open up the production process as much as possible; to share as much of our thinking as possible, as the production team strive to create a cohesive, accurate and relevant documentary about the World Wide Web. We’ll be blogging as we go; we’ll share our theories; we’ll be putting up rushes from the filming; we’ll be asking for advice and stories from you as we go along.”

Is it ironic that the BBC is trying to lead a revolution?

Well actually they aren’t leading the revolution, more documenting it. I do think this is a brilliant step by all involved and I can’t wait to see both the end result and process itself.
che guevara
The producers of Digital Revolution suggest that the internet revolution has been led by the likes of Techcrunch and Digg. Kevin Rose is our digital Che Guevara, Tim Berners-Lee our Oliver Cromwell. Fighting the good fight against the traditional media behemoths, these tech leaders have freed us. The internet has freed us and opened up our minds to new experiences, opportunities, ideas, opinions & news. This show aims to aggregate our collective experience over the last 20 years and edit it in to a BBC 2 series, set to air in 2010.

The producers have outlined a four step process for the making of this doc, with the first being the most important for us; The bloggers, the twitterati, the Diggers, the developers and anyone else with an interest in the internet. This first part of the process is Pre-production. This will collate the opinions, input, comments and links from the aforementioned community. Possibly the first primary research ever done in this way for a TV programme?

The other stages of the process are the domain of the BBC nd will involve filming, editing and the final airing of the show.

What I’d Like To See Included…

As well as what has gone right over the last 20 years, we mustn’t forget the failed web that, in its own way helped create what we have now. GovWorks didn’t work in 2000 but we now have a very successful in the UK. One of the first niche online communities was called which folded 46 days after it’s launch party. GovWorks and Kibu were seen as massive failures ten years ago but were they just ahead of their time? They may have laid the founding stones for Facebook and our beloved Twitter and were possibly just as important.

Also let’s not forget the role that agencies have played as well as their contemporaries on thee client side. Constant innovation in commercial digital campaigns and websites has moved the web forward as muuch as anything.


Let’s get peoples anecdotes and personal experiences of these and everything else to make this an unmissable documentary. Oh and Aleks…Please don’t let the BBC suits ruin this. It is such a great concept that it should remain as unadulterated as possible.

Or as Ali G’s favourite clothing label would say For Us By Us (FUBU).

So get involved and submit your content to the Digital Revolution team via:

Try a search on the hashtag #thewebis

Follow the Delicious stream

Youtube – The Web is…

FlickrThe Web is…


8 thoughts on “The BBC’s Digital Revolution – A TV Evolution?

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  3. Excellently put. A better synopsis than I recently gave and I’m working on the project!

    You’re right, there have been failures in the past in experiments with social media and big organisations (like the BBC), but as you say, from the like of Govworks came forth – not perfect but better, so maybe we can all look at this thing the web as Samuel Beckett did ‘Fail, fail again, fail better.’ Or should that be fail ‘beta’? 🙂

    It’s our aim to tell the story of the web at 20, and where the coming years may take us. That will be a four-part documentary for BBC Two. That’s the TV’s endgame; but along the way we’re online and open – the production needs YOU, the web, the user, to make sure the right stories get told, the truest picture is formed. You can affect the story right now.

    Follow the blogs for our thinking (and the thinking of others, such as recently Erik Hersman of Ushandi and get involved. Tell us about YOUR web and where you think it’s been and where you hope it’s going.

    Many thanks for the interest! Contact me through the blog for more details.

    • Hi Dan

      Thanks for the comments. I just think what you’re doing is great…i’m proud of the BBC and I love all thing online/digital so for me it’s a good combination!

      I’d like to get involved any way I can.

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  6. The digital revolution is here to stay Open Data has been positively endorsed by the main party’s including Brown, Cameron and Borris Johnson.
    It is a fact that Facebook gets more page look ups than Google which is why there is currently a shift by on-line marketers to promote on Facebook.
    Twitter is another mass market promotion tool which is being exploited by even the like of President Obama.
    I am looking forward to the new series.

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