The 4R’s of Social Media

Today my good friend and colleague Neil Potter pointed me in the direction of a great Slideshare presentation on Coca Cola’s social media strategy. The long and the short of the presentation is that the entire social web is their homepage and not just their corporate site.

Although not avery thorough presentation of Coke’s social media strategy, one slide did stand out at me. This detailed the 4R’s of Social Media (like the P’s of marketing geddit) (every niche needs it own set of letters).

The 4R’s of Social Media


…What the social media community is talking about with strong, coordinated monitoring programs. Take ideas for community participation and video vignettes from them.


…To the comments, posts and other chatter with accurate information on the company and its initiatives with full transparancy and disclosure and an approachable style.


…Short video vignettes that respond to the conversation with ‘purposeful entertainment’ that educates and informs in an entertaining fashion that isn’t too slick.


…Online community members to the videos and other social media content, using both SEO as well as online conversation ‘cross pollenization’ to improve search rankings and assist others in discovering  the relevant content


Info taken from the following Slideshare presentation by Adam Brown, Director of Digital Communications, The CocaCola Company.


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