New Seesmic Web and V0.4 Released

seesmicSeesmic, the third party Twitter application as just announced the release of version 4 of its desktop app AND the release of its new ‘in-browser’ web app. Here’s a review of the main changes and updates.

New features include:

  • Single Column and Multi-Column Mode
  • Enabling and Setting Fixed Width for Columns
  • Collapsing and Expanding the Sidebar
  • Updated API usage controls, Added Options for Timeline Limits and Improved Optimizations for Performance

Continued UI modifications, enhancements and fixes include:

  • A new search to open when clicking on a hashtag (#) link.
  • added as add-on authenticated service
  • Ensuring links with # appear in seesmic desktop
  • Send messages to twitter will now be as “Seesmic”
  • Various logic improvements for account and messaging actions
    and many other additional fixes

And the new web apps allows you to:

  • Manage your Twitter stream in single column minimal mode – similar to reviewing your email headers
  • Easily search, save and access your searches
  • Saved searches will be also saved on your Twitter account
  • Create unlimited columns
  • View in minimal mode in each column
  • Threaded message conversation in your direct messages
  • Rollover view of Twitter user statistics
  • Complete profile view of Twitter users – with an updates tab

Watch the Seesmic video running through the new changes below:

Try out Seesmic here


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