BBC iPlayer Lets You Share Your Favourite TV Moments

Ever had that conversation with someone about your previous night’s TV viewing? You both start attempting to describe your favourite sketch from Little Britain or a particular item from the 6 o’Clock News.

Well…Now if I have this conversation online, or via electronic means, I can share the exact scene with my friends (if the programme/film in question was shown on BBC1 or BBC2).

The BBC have just introduced a brilliant new feature to their ever popular iPlayer which allows users to link to an exact point in the programme. They have even developed their own URL shortening service to facilitate sharing on microblogging platforms such as Twitter. Here’s the example the BBC use:

“For example, I loved Steve Hughes in Michael McIntyre’s brilliant Comedy Roadshow – see him here:

When they allow users to do this with radio shows then we may really see a paradigm shift in the use of radio. A Spotify-like service could emerge from the BBC linking or live streaming exact snippets of live material from BBC R1’s Live Lounge or Glastonbury. Exciting stuff.

Hopefully the others (ITV, Five, C4, Sky) will catch on quick and enable similar functionality. Unfortunately their advertisers may not like the idea of viewers circumnavigating the commercial breaks.

Read further on the BBC Internet Blog


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