Youtube Adds Call-to-Action Overlays

youtube logo

youtube logo

You’ve uploaded your video content to Youtube and can see the view count clocking up. Rubbing your hands with glee you sit back and wait for the viewers to visit your site and buy your product. Except its not that easy – until now.


Youtube has now enabled a Call-to-Action functionality, allowing users to direct viewers to a landing page or website with a relevant call to action.

Here’s how it works:

“Adding a Call-to-Action overlay to your video is easy. First, run a campaign to promote your video on YouTube. Then, go to the Video Details page under My Videos and fill out the fields in the section marked “Call-to-Action overlay.” All you have to do is include a short headline, ad text, a destination url, and upload an optional image, and the overlay will appear whenever someone watches your video. Clicks on the overlay will be tracked in YouTube Insight.”

Youtube call to action

Youtube call to action

Practical Application – Will It Blend

Will it Blend has one on the most successful  products ever marketed on Youtube for the blending company ‘Blendtec. Their videos of various items from i-Phones to Mario Kart games being blended have been a Youtube hit. The i-Phone video alone has had over 6 million views. The trouble is these videos just end with a URL flashing up within the video meaning conversions are no where near as high as they could be. Now, with this latest development, Blendtec may be able to make the most of all these views.


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