Universal and Bruno Give a Lesson in Social Media

When was the last time you saw a film released with out an official website? The answer is probably quite a long time ago. All of this summers releases will no doubt guide audiences to official websites. These sites will no doubt provide some kind of movie trailer, a few pics, a news and events section and of course the film’s release date.

Bruno doesn’t. Nope not an official website in sight. The closest you get is a very unofficial ‘The Bruno Movie‘ site.  Perhaps this has been subtly engineered by Universal as a back up back? I doubt it. A downside to this is that none of the below mentioned social media channels feature very highly SEO wise, but with so much hype surrounding the film this is of little consequence.

Perfect Character

What the marketeers at Universal have done though is create a huge social media presence around the Bruno film. A film that has a character at its centre is perhaps always going to benefit from social media. It is easier to create a Twitter account for Bruno than for Transformers (although they have a great social media campaign – just in a different way)


Bruno Meinspace

This is basically the film’s website. The Bruno franchise has taken over a Myspace page with special dispensation to sit on a custom URL www.meinspace.com .

This page has the movie trailer, links to Facebook and Twitter, a ‘bio’ about Bruno and Myspace friends.


Brunovassup Over 25,000 followers

Bruno twitter

Brun’s Twitter is a comedic set of tweets (depending on your sense of humour) written by Bruno. The updates are most probably ghost tweeted although they are uncannily similar to the characters on screen antics so maybe Sacha Baron Cohen does supply them? It is only updated roughly 1-2 times a week so perhaps Sacha finds the odd minute to update.


Then there is of course the character’s Facebook page. This is done well with Facebook live stream, allowing fans to discuss the film using their Facebook status. They have a much used wall and photo gallery.


Not only did Universal (or their agency) create the social media presence, they also created a buzz and awareness around the campaign. Facebook is a graveyard of pages with no fans so this is half the campaign battle. The offline activity must surely of helped and was more than likely carefully choreographed in to the promotion schedule. Bruno landing in Eminem’s lap at the MTV awards has seen 100 million views. Universal didn’t even need to set up a specific Youtube channel as this kind of publicity drives itself.


The best thing about this campaign is just that. It’s a campaign. Not a series of abstract and unconnected social profiles like so many corporate social campaigns end up being. There is a consistency through each of the Twitter, Facebook and Myspace profiles which ensures interaction with fans. The last status update on Bruno’s Facebook page for example had over 7300 ‘likes’ in 9 hours.The Facebook page has over 453,000 fans, Twitter 25,000 and Meinspace 136,000 fans.

Thats good interaction and what does interaction mean? Box office receipts!

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