Andy Murray Tweet Makes BBC Lunchtime News

That is if it really is his Twitter account? Can the people doing his digital marketing (Blu Halo?) please confirm it is actually him. Or else could Twitter please award him a ‘Verified Profile’ badge?

Anyway, during the lunchtime news today Andy Murray’s latest tweet was their closing feature,  speaking volumes for both Andy Murray and Twitter’s offline statuses.

Andy had updated Twitter having received a letter from HRH The Queen, congratulating him on his recent win at…Queens (the tennis competition not the New York suburb.) Andy then mentioned this on his Twitter feed and it made the headlines!

Here is what he tweeted:

“got a nice letter from the queen saying well done for winning queen’s. Put it in its own pile away from the bills. see you tomorrow.”

His previous tweet was possibly more interesting as he mentioned that they have a putting area in the locker area at Wimbledon. Visions of Federer playing a bit of crazy golf before going out on to centre court…

“Got a putting competition going with nestor. They’ve got a putting game in the lockers. Could get interesting. Just done the ice bath.”


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