Smartphones to stream Myspace? (except the iPhone)

The next breakthrough in digital music will surely be streamed mobile music. Will this make MP3 players redundant? Only time will tell.

Today Mashable reported on a presentation given by Adobe concerning the implementation of Flash 10 to Android, Palm, WebOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian. The obvious exclusion on this list is of course the ubiquitous iPhone.

The actual wording in the presentation states:

“Flash Player 10 for smartphone-class devices to be made available in beta at (the) MAX conference in October”

adobe flash

So this indicates that the update will happen between the 4th-7th October 2009.

And why is this being reported as social media news? Well the best thing about Myspace is is music and video catalogue. The worst thing (to me) about Myspace is that I can’t stream my favourite new music straight to my phone as their music player currently uses Flash 10.

Myspace logo

If the proposed smartphone update goes ahead, and it does allow music streaming from Myspace then this could well be the kiss of life to a dying social behemoth. It may also be a cause for concern for Spotify and, both of which have released music streaming apps for mobile devices but neither of which have the user base of Myspace.

So…watch this space.


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