Littlewoods Direct does Social Shopping

Last week we posted on the fashion chain ASOS and their great social media strategy. Now Social Media Mashup has been advised that Littlewoods Direct is changing its brand, name and all. This is strange considering the recent high visibility TV ad campaign, featuring islands full of women. Just as the brand name ‘Littlewoods Direct’ begins to gain share of mind, they change the name.

littlewoods direct

And the new name….Very.

No thats it, Very. Thats the new name. Not Very anything, just Very. Well we’re not here to discuss branding so we’ll swiftly move on to the thing that matters most (well on this blog anyway) – social media.

Just like the ASOS site, the new Littlewoods Direct Very website is going to feature a social aspect. This is good news and shows that social media isn’t just ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ of marketing but a critical inclusion to any strategy.

Here’s an excerpt from their teaser leaflet:

“Very will offer you loads of additional features and benefits such as a new website with a broader range of products and exclusive collections. There are also hints, tips and advice and we’ll even introduce you to the world of social shopping – where you can shop with your friends, ask their opinion and check out what our other customers have to say about our products.”

There doesn’t appear to be a ‘Very’ Facebook page yet, or a ‘Very’ Twitter (although there is a ‘Littlewoods Deals’ Twitter)

So watch this space for a review after the launch of the new site…5th July 2009.


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