ASOS and Social Media

ASOS logo

What with being an online fashion store, you’d expect ASOS to do social media well. Which they do.

ASOS Website

You can tell they take their community seriously as there is a ‘community’ section on the website. Labelled ‘ASOS Life’ it provides a hub area for ASOS and fashion fans to communicate between each other and ASOS. Quite uniquely, users can set up their own blogs on the site. It also features a forum where users can start their own threads, as well as the really great ‘Ideas’ section. Users here can suggest ideas to the ASOS team and get their ideas ranked by other users.


ASOS has its own ‘official’ Twitter profile called…@asos. This has over 7500 followers with whom it interacts with very well.

Then there are the profiles that ASOS team members have. @asos_james or @asos_amy for example. These appear to be purely work based twitter profiles which is a smart strategy.


Their Facebook page is one of the best I have seen (and i’ve seen alot). 118,955 fans, plenty of rich media content, a regularly used ‘wall’ and links to their online magazine all make for a great Facebook page. They really should acquire the ASOS Facebook vanity URL though as would be good.

ASOS facebook


Well sorry to be repetitive but the ASOS Bebo page is one of the best I have seen. Design is really good and the content is great.


Pods on the Bebo page include ‘Most Wanted’ clothes which links directly to the ASOS site. There is also a pod for their ‘Street Style’ section as well as, like the facebook page, a link to the online magazine. Pictures/photos and videos make for good content to engage the younger Bebo audience.


For a brand that relies on good looking imagery you’d expect them to have a Flickr page right? Well…they do. It links to the Facebook page as well as the main site.


This is a very well thought out social media strategy. The brand is represented in a consistent way which is extremely important in building awareness online. Different social media channels link to each other showing an integrated approach. The Bebo and Facebook sites are well designed and thoughtout and serve their respective target audiences well.

Hats off to the ASOS digital team!

ASOS on Facebook


ASOS on Flickr

ASOS on Twitter

ASOS community area


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