Seesmic Desktop v0.2 launched

And the details/features of it are:

  • Add your Facebook account (since v0.2-rc2)
  • Aggregated timelines for Twitter and Facebook accounts (since v0.2-rc2)
  • Now supporting Twitgoo and Posterous in addition to Twitpic to share images on Twitter
  • Cleaner column look and feel
  • Optimized use of space to display more tweets
  • More tooltips on buttons
  • Improved error handling (especially for connection problems)
  • Improved pre-selection of “SHARED as” account to reply or retweet from
  • Remembering your preferred image sharing and short URL service across restarts
  • Auto-updating the timestamps in timelines
  • Sidebar can be scrolled when there is more content than available space
  • Bug fixes
  • Issues with webcam dialog – solved
  • Userlists and searches could get lost under certain circumstances – solved
  • Empty error message when trying to lookup a protected Twitter user

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