5 OTHER Social Networks

Facebook? Meh. Twitter? Ok doing well at the moment. Linked In?

But what about the other social networks out there? Sure anyone can start a social network by using Ning but there are some alternatives out there that you may want to consider. They tend to cater for niche users but hey, Facebook was a just meant to be a niche network for US college students!

There are so many out there but the following five are of particular note…

Sagazone www.sagazone.co.uk/

Social networking for the over 50’s.

Sagazone is a social network for those of a more experienced age, created by Saga. The site is very easy to use and instructions and site information are provided in a simple yet non-patronising way. Anyway, simple is as usability does.

The network provides forums, media sharing, instant chat, blogs and ‘clubs’ allowing silver surfers to connect online.

Tangle www.tangle.com/

Half Youtube (was formerly called Godtube), half Facebook this social network is centered around video and photo uploads yet has a community feel. The site seems to have the balance just right in combining a sense of fun with more serious, religious undertones. This ‘God’ side of things is factored in through the ‘Prayer Wall’ and the ‘Virtual Bible’. The virtual bible in particular allows users to even select which version of the bible they want to read and search for verses, titles or particular passages. I’m not hugely religious but if I were then i’d be straight on this site!

Now this is social networking for fans of animals (well of the pet variety). Sign up and get involved in forum discussions, view pets or you can even enter your pet in to ‘Pet Idol’! There is a section hosted by a Vet called Catherine with downloadable advice sheets. A handy events section allows for pet owners to view upcoming courses, shows and competitions.

A lot of the information on Petstreet is available to non-members. They may do better to make some of this info member only to improve uptake and retention.

May Contain Nuts www.maycontainnuts.com/

Awesome dude! Bodacious! And other such 90’s pseudo surf phrases….
This, liek the other sites has its own, very specific niche target user group or extreme sports enthusiasts. If you consider the number of viral videos that go round featuring extreme stunts then you can appreciate how there is a demand for a dedicated social network.

Users tag their profiles depending on the sports they are interested in making it it easy to find fellow enthusiasts. The site has an inherently young feel to it as you would expect for this subject matter with a lot of UK users.

Wiser Earth is a project of the Natural Capital Institute and aims to create a community connecting the people, nonprofits and businesses working toward a just and sustainable world”. It allows people to share ideas, form groups and promote their own smaller projects for saving the earth.

So there you go, its not all about Facebook, Twitter and Myspace etc. There are a huge number of really useful social networks out there.

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