An Ode To Twitter – The Twitter Poem

Theres a little corner of the web

Where people talk and much is said
Where colleagues laugh and strangers witter
that corner is our much loved Twitter
You can follow people who inspire
Or retweet like a town crier
Unfollow those who don’t satisfy
Or when they talk just don’t reply
Where once the king of social stood
That noble Facebook once was good
But Twitter stole its lofty crown
To sit up high and look on down
For us the early adopting types
We ignore the media hype
We’ve been there from the very start
and we love Twitter with all our hearts
And then there’s all these Twitter haters
Well kiss my *** and see you later
You’re just scared or technophobes
Just come on in and say hello
We’ll welcome you in with open arms
You’ll love Twitter and all its charms
And once you’re followed and following
You’ll surely see that Twitter’s king
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