5 Great Apps for Nokia S60 phones

Ok so the iPhone is king of smartphones. Lets not beat around the bush…1000’s of apps and an image of coolness that shouldn’t really even be associated with a phone.

But there are others! Google’s Android phones and of course Nokia’s S60. So what applications are there for the Nokia S60 platform? Well below are 5 apps that are definately worth a mention:

Nokia Sports Tracker (beta)

Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS-based activity tracker that runs on compatible Nokia mobile devices. Information such as speed, distance, and time are automatically stored in your training diary. It recently won the award of ‘Best Mobile Internet Service’ at the Global Mobile Awards

This is great for all sports fans as it allows you to time yourself doing laps and record your route. If you want to run 10k then it’ll tell you when you’ve reached 5k and you can turn around and run back.

The only downside is that this is not available on the Nokia 5800 yet so here’s hoping…


This allows you to access your phone inbox and contacts via web browser. Get instant notifications of a new messages and missed calls to your computer screen. Be connected to Twitter, get direct messages and @replies as text messages. Send free text messages to your Synble friends from mobile and web. It also allows for RSS feeds to be received as text messages which could be good or could just clutterup your phones inbox?

PanoMan 3.0 – Automatic Panorama Stitcher

This one’s for the wannabe photographers out there. This nice little app allows you to generate 360° panoramas with your mobile phone.


– High resolution panoramic pictures
– Support for images up to 32 megapixels (hands up who has a 32
– 360-degree views
– Patent-pending image processing system
– Real time preview while the picture is being taken
– Automatically adjusts exposure and white balance

phling! (beta) – Mobile Music Social Networking

– Stream music to your phone directly from your PC.
– Listen to all your music anytime(Even if your PC is turned off)
– Find other phling! users with similar music
– Discover what’s hot and what’s not
– Share your music with friends
– Submit your own song reviews
– Read what others are saying
– Leave messages for friends

JoikuSpot Light

This app is available for Nokia S60 3rd edition phones. It turns your phone in to a wifi router and provides a wireless internet connection. Laptops and Apple iPod touch devices can establish instant and fast wireless Internet connections. Supports WEP encryption so only people you allow can access it.

Here’s who’s talking about Nokia elsewhere:

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