New Facebook – A users review

Having had a couple of days use of the brand spanking new Facebook layout I feel educated enough to present its pro’s and cons. The latter being the longer list – buts that’s to be expected right? No-one ever likes the new layout (there was an outcry last time) but this version seems contrived rather than intuative. It assalts the eyes with its mass of information although this may just take a bit of getting used to. If something is improved though, should it not appear instantly better? Any who here are the collective Pro’s and Con’s:

1) More immediate – A whole trail of information regarding friends and ‘connections’ is presented to you upon opening. Meh.

2) More like Twitter- Which is a positive for me as I love Twitter but a loss for Facebook as they are no longer industry leaders, but industry followers.

3) It is now easier to filter news feed and drag and drop your own filters.

1) Sponsored Ad’s – The new Facebook layout serves to integrate the sponsored ad’s better. They don’t stand out so much now and are slipped subtly in between your highlights. so adverts are my highlights are they? I think not. Facebook loses me a little bit more with each wrongly targeted and irelevant ad that I come across.

2) Whats on your mind? – The new ‘Publisher’ box invites you to ‘share’ videos and other content. Nice but you could do that before.

3) Highlights section – The ‘highlights’ section is very busy and confusing. Althought it’s about ‘discovering content’ its such a hotch potch of information that nothing seems to grab the attention. In my opinion Facebook should present glancable content that is easy to recognise and view.

4) Homepage doesn’t stream – you have to refresh it. The immediacy of the information would be much improved if you didn’t have to constantly refresh it for updates. Twitter is the same but this is overcome through applications such a Tweetdeck.

5) No collectivised stories – such as “5 of your friends changed their profile picture” or “3 of your friends wrote on so-and-so’s wall”. It’s all very singular.

6) Unhiding Friends doesn’t ’stick’ – Maybe thats a bug, i don’t know but its annoying none the less.

7) Status updates are now limited to 160 characters. 20 more than Twitter but thats not the point.

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