Computer Games: My 10 fondest memories

A slight deviation from the norm today…

From my ZX Spectrum Sinclair to my Playstation there have been some games that not only did I enjoy playing but that actually left a mark on my conscience (as well as blisters on my thumb!) Here they are in no particular order. Comment if you have any to add:
1) Lemmings – AcornArchimedes
2) Chuck rock – Acorn Archimedes
3) Street Fighter 2 – First the Arcade game then the SNES version
4) Arkanoid – ZX Spectrum
5) Sonic the Hedgehog (original version) – Sega Master System
6) Super Mariokart – SNES version and Wii version
7) Olympic Gold Barcelona 92′ – Sega Master System
8) Alex Kidd in Miracle World – Sega Master System
9) Vendetta – Arcade Game
10) Michael Jackson ‘Moonwalker’- Arcade Game
Dam it now I really want to play Chuck Rock!
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