Beebcamp 2 – The BBC’s version of BarCamp

Wednesday the 18th February saw the BBC host it’s now annual ‘BeebCamp. Yes this is a play on the word BarCamp and yes – they do have the same theme.

BeebCamp is designed as a collective, spontaneous bashing together of ideas, with no set structure to the day.” This was a get together of largely BBC employees but also included some external bloggers of note to add to the mix.

I’m slightly confused. BarCamp (and all other get togethers with the ‘camp’ suffix) is a user generated ‘unconference‘ – For the people by the people. Surely a camp organised by a corporation afor a corporation will never truely have an unbiased agenda? Therefore maybe they shouldn’t have jumped on the Camp bandwagon. Kinda like if Lloyds were to call their annual conference ‘Lloyds Fest’…It’s just a bit…

Anyway thats only a mild query as any get together of digital minds is always an exiting thing. Items discussed included pre pay TV, uses of Twitter, a user generated content presentation and ‘open source documentaries’.

Each discussion was limited to 20mins (10 mins each) although there were some who would like to see 30 mins sessions next time as there’s just too much to talk about!

This is one blogger who would love an invite to BeebCamp 3…hint hint ; )

Read more here:

Photo’s on Flickr
social media blog

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