100 best blogs (arguably)

Following on from a great Sunday roast yeasterday at the folks house, my wife threw Times newspaper supplement at me shouting, ‘YOU’LL probably be interested in this!’ (as though it were an accusation?). I flicked through the pages of the ‘Culture’ magazine to find an article on the top 100 blogs in the world/on the web (same thing really).

This list must be read carefully and with a pinch of salt. As Steve Clayton, London commented on the Times’ website “The UK has more to offer from blogs than fluffing up the careers of these folks. This list proved to me that The Times is the best Sunday Paper but The Guardian has it’s finger on the the tech pulse.” Couldn’t have put it better myself. Personally I prefer the work of Jemima Kiss of the Guardian.

The Times has tried to be trendy with an article on blogs but what we are presented with is a shallow list of blogs…Richard Madley, Paul Daniels anyone?! The article itslef is a well written and incisive piece of jouranlism if you ignore the shameless self plugging “I am also, thanks to Thought Experiments (the title of my blog)” It is a great way of making the ‘real world’ more aware of whats going on on line which can only be a good thing for those of us who’s careers depend upon it.

Here are some of the cream of the crop:

A blog updated by staff of the British ebassy in Harare. A place where actually saying what you think can get you killed. Well they say what they think and it’s great.

I know, I know Lily Allen is not cool and not clever. But hey she does say some funny stuff about other celebs and we all like to laugh at celebs don’t we?!

A wonderfull insight into the life of Eric Arthur Blair. Had he known that Big Brother would actualy become an inane show, synonomous with attention seekers and weirdos, he may not have written the novel 1984 to prevent Big Brother the TV series ever being born!

Quite simply the Blogger’s Blog

Thanks to Bryan Appleyard for the original article in the Sunday Times.

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