Make money from your Twitter account…again?

I was afraid that headline might look slightly spammish but then I though ah forget it yo home to Belair!

Look it up yourself. Ad Cause is the slightly schizophrenic site that is half aimed at money grabbing Tweeters and half at charitable folk.
The site is pleasing to the eye with clear initial instructions on how to sign up and make money. The page seemed to show the main content out of the page area on the right so frustratingly to view any info I had to keep scrolling over to the page. Also, when signing up and choosing my country, I was given the options of living in Great Britain or United Kingdom….hmmm
How it Works:
It’s not a way of monetising your Twitter background, its about showing ad’s in your Twitter stream for companies who have signed up.
1) Visit AdCause and sign up. Write a bio about yourself to attract advertisers and make sure you’re signed up to Paypal beforehand as this is how you’ll get paid.
2) Choose how much you charge per ad and how long you want the ads to show for.
3) (and here’s the catch) Wait for an advertiser to select you to advertise through. You’ll need to be a poplular fellow with plenty of followers in their target market. I would estimate you’d have to have over 500 relevant followers (don’t quote me!).
4) Sit back and wait for the dollar bills to start pouring through the letterbox.
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