BBC using social media for its teenager brand…

Once upon a time the BBC made programmes, put them on the TV at a specified time and we watched it if we felt so inclined.

BBC Switch is the corporation’s teenager wing. I imagine it to be a section of their television studios with a disco in one corner, Kevin the teenager sulking in another and Hoodies (thats what teenagers wear isn’t it?) having board meetings.

So what the BBC are doing now is going multi platform. They’re flirting with the New Media furore and it’s great! Research done by the BBC themselves shows that the young are far more likely to use the internet for entertainment.

So what has Auntie been doing then? Well they are creating a new show for teenagers called ‘Proper Messy’. this will be delivered in short, 90 second episodes and be shown on BBC 2, the BBC switch site and kids favourite, Bebo (Blog Early Blog Often). The BBC is also hoping that 5000 of it’s target audience will sign up to receive mobile SMS text featuring real time messages from the soap’s characters. Future storylines will then be affected by audience participation.
A bold and welcome step by the BBC and if it works, they could capture a large proportion of the hoodie market.

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