Failure to commit Facebook suicide

The walls are closing in, the pressure’s getting too much…Get me out of here! Facebook’s just a website, right? I’ve closed down e-mail addresses and changed my phone number before so how hard can it be to unregister from a social networking site.

IMPOSSIBLE! Thats what it is. Just like my send phobia (constant reading emails over and over again before sending), I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The only people I have any real contact with on Facebook are my ‘real life’ friends anyway so who cares about the others. It’s more than that through. It is a name that has become so intrinsically linked to daily life that to not have a Facebook account would be like not having a head. Well not quite but you get the idea.

We go and watch a band and where do we look and laugh at the photos the next day? Facebook. Arranging a Stag Do? Send the invites out on Facebook. Without Facebook I would not be able to air my innermost thoughts and feelings concerning what I had for dinner via my status page.

Verdict: I will keep my Facebook to continue it’s use as a social tool and calendar but I willl try to avoid plunging in to the deep depths of Facebookism that involves staring for hours at photos of people you don’t know doing things you’d never do with people that you only vaguely know.

Right i’m off to check my Facebook…..doh!

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